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How to use Google Maps:
This step shows you how to use Google Maps. If for some inexplicable reason you are not using the new version of Google Maps, you can visit the page with the new Google Maps and activate it. i hope you will find this article helpful do share in gmail.com with google plus
Screens this step shows Google in Spanish. If you do not have Google in Spanish, you can go to this step to change the language of Google , or you can use the equivalent options in English. Google maps can be saved with you www.gmail.com account
Visit the page of Google Maps .
The new search box gives you more information as you type in the place you're looking for.
You are presented with a history of searches, you can reuse them.
You can go immediately to your current location (if available).
This is the zoom control to zoom in or out on the map.
If you have questions, you can access help on how to use the map by clicking here.
The gear used to show configuration options searches, language, places you have saved and to share the map.
With the icon of the person, Active Street View .
Explore. For details, go directly to step 4 .
When performing a search are available options next step.